we want you to communicate!

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To pare something means to trim off the outer layer and uncover the hidden underlayer. We, at pare accompany and encourage you to dig deeper into your valuable inner treasure chest of ideas in order to devise the best way of communicating the message you want to get across in the most effective way.

pare is your professional partner assisting you to adopt and evolve your organisation, company, enterprise and private sphere into an improved, more efficient and fairer form of communication. And you see: even our names start with pare...Yes, we are different! 

The services of pare include creative & content writing, internal & external communication, journalistic research, public information, outreach, website development, design and photo-/videography up to latest 3D laser scan technology and virtual reality - simply an individual service for a better be to be. We work in English, French, Arabic and German language.

Organisations - IO´s - NGO´s

We produce creative texts and professional content for your various platforms and conventional text products. Reach your audience, donors and project partners with impressive success stories and report about your humanitarian projects in a unique and transparent way. We support you with report writing, easing technical language und prepare clear and targeted text for your social media channels and Website.

Culture - Hotels - Companies

You run a cultural project, art centre or museum. Your business is hospitality in a hotel, bed&brakfast or apartment-house. You have customers, high quality products or services in your small to medium size business. We support you you with creative writing to fill your reports, brochures, websites and social media with intelligent and attractive content. You need impressive photos, video and graphic - we produce creative and artistic multimedia material for you. 

Journalists - Photographers

You are a journalist, production company, freelance photographer or writer and blogger. We assist you during your media works in the area. The full service for journalist will let you work relaxed and concentrated. We prepare your production, organize your meetings, connect you to the right interview partners. Furthermore we do the pre-production research for you and organise necessary permissions from different institutions and ministries for you. 

Patricia Khoder

Journalist, translator and communications expert with more than 20 years of national and international experience. Worked for L´Orient le Jour, French TV, Spiegel TV, EU.

Speaks French, English, Arabic.

RenÉ Schulthoff

Journalist, photographer and communications expert with 25 years of international experience. Worked for ARD, Spiegel TV, EU, GIZ, German Red Cross.

Speaks English, French, German.

More Communications Services

We offer some more specialised communications services for organisations, business and journalists in Lebanon. Please click on our beautiful in-motion-photos and get more detailed information regarding each topic.

Work with us - pare!

"we want you to communicate!"

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